Yep, they’re my everything. I am so grateful for them, can’t imagine living without them, and when we’re apart, miss them everyday. They’re beautiful, they’re imperfect, they make me laugh, they let me cry, and I am absolutely, head over heels, in love with each of them.

Laura&Kelvin068{Kelvin} My best friend, my confidant, my joy, my support, my future. Jesus lover, football lover, optimist, chocolate hater, cheese lover, impulse buyer, believer, Accenture consultant, grill master, UW Husky, mini-shopaholic, and snowboarder. He’s a daddy, a brother, a son, an uncle and son-in-law, and he’s mine.

IMG_3827{Emme Jean} My laughter, my baby chick, birthday buddy to our beloved Nana. A tiny little human who made me a momma. I pray she is strong, and kind, and good, and loves Jesus, cuddling, cheese, and chocolate.


{My Dad: Brian} My laughter, my poppy, my rock. Jesus lover, fisherman, bible studier, baby lover, recipe test rat, cookie over eater, moving helper extraordinaire, hugger, Reese’s Cup lover, and crier. He wears the hat of fatherhood and husband almost perfectly…and he’s an amazing grandpa.

{My Mom: Tammy} My support, my guidance, my faith example, my little momma. Jesus lover, cowboy boot wearer, #1 fan, kitchen teacher, bible quoter, survivor, party planner, and shopping partner. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever known, the best nana around, and an amazing momma.

{My Older Sister: Jenn} My secret keeper, my example, my friend. Jesus lover, wife, cardigan-wearer, semi-blogger, baker, adviser, supporter, cooker, champagne lover, baby girl momma, and reader. She loves Jesus but she swears a little. She’s comfortable, beautiful, she’s everything in between.

{My Little Sister: Mel} My dreamer, my baby girl, my friend. Jesus lover, wife, plaid-wearer, fiercely loyal, Ellie-bear momma, Indiana chicken lady, Jason Aldean lover, impulse shopper, and small-town girl. She’s fierce, she’s passionate, and she is more beautiful everyday. She’s my baby sister, which means she gets my advice, my support, and my shoulder to cry on.

{Jenn’s Husband: Michael} My joker, my advisor, the brother I never had. Jesus lover, husband, baby girl poppa, athletic director, triathlete, Master’s graduate, LA Dodger faithful, and bottomless stomach. He keeps Jenn from being too serious, he supports me, my education, and my career, and he can always make me laugh.


{Mel’s Husband: Mason} My example, my country music advisor, the other brother I never had. Jesus lover, fiercely loyal, open-hearted, shorts hater, Ellie-bear daddy, Indiana faithful, builder, believer, and boot wearer. He’s an amazing example of perseverance in the midst of life’s obstacles, and he loves my sister, and his family, with his entire heart.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.52.57 PM{My Niece: Reese} Dino loving, dress-hating, daily dose of joy. Dodger’s best friend, Reesey Roo, and imperfect princess. She’s feisty, she’s stubborn, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. I love watching her grow.


17807499_10154446282777286_4260618270252276780_o{My Niece: Maylin} Whale tail, mower riding, food loving, happy feet dancer. She’s joy in abundance, loves her Papa and bath time and does her best to make everybody laugh. I love watching her grow.


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