Things I Love Thursday.

I’m still alive! So stop worrying. But, really, it has been hard to catch a breath these last few weeks as the wedding comes flying towards me. I just realized that I forgot to do a “Thankful July” post- forgive me. I’m thankful that the wedding is almost here. Because my brain hurts. Like, a lot sometimes. There is WAY too much stuff in there right now.

Truly though, the last couple of weeks have been a ton of stress, a ton of emails, a ton of phone calls, and a ton of fun. I was wishing desperately for the days to fly by, and now that I am on a plane and headed home I am wishing desperately for things to slow down. I hope and pray that I will have numerous chances this next week, the wedding day, and during the honeymoon, to look around, take it all in, and be grateful for all that I have been blessed with. Gosh, this is so much fun.

So, I found this picture the other day, and my heart stopped. I literally melted like a popsicle in the middle of this Colorado summer. No joke, I tear up every time I think about that walk down the aisle with my poppy. And to me, this picture captures perfectly all those emotions that are ever tumbling around in my head when I think about that once in a lifetime moment. Oh, how strange it must feel for our daddy’s to watch their daughters fall in love with another man, when they have been the men who have had our hearts all to themselves for so long.



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