Things I Love Thursday.

Yesterday was 07.24.13. Hello? Ringing any bells? No? Well it should. Because…yesterday was the beginning of the one month countdown until I get married. Whoop, whoop! I truly felt that this day was never going to come. A 14 month engagement is loooooong. I do NOT recommend it. Nor do I recommend committing to blogging on any sort of schedule during the 3 months or so before you say “I do.” Which I didn’t. Thankfully. Because, as I have found out these last few weeks, the only thing I am doing on my computer is confirming cupcakes and tablecloths, emailing pastors and in-laws, and desperately trying to find the perfect outfit on Etsy for my niece. So no, I’m not blogging. Nor will I be, likely until Kelvin and I are back from the honeymoon, and I am sufficiently bored without a wedding to stress about plan.

So, as both my quiet blog and the calender proves (and my wallet, sadly, which is desperately empty 97% of the time), this wedding is coming. In fact, I may now say that it is almost here. And with that being said, I was “pinteresting” around today looking at centerpieces, trying to decide how logical it was that I was planning on constructing my own (with the help of my sisters, my momma, and Miss Annababe from Annabee’s Flowers of course). And I stumbled across some of the loveliest, sweetest little things. So I thought I would share, in the hopes that no one will judge when things aren’t quite this lovely in real time next month. Give me some grace people, and if you are at the wedding, just squint a little when you look at my flowers. Hopefully they’ll look a little something like some of these.

Look at this sweet little thing. Good things DO come in small packages.

sweetAnd I love this little set up too. In fact, I will be trying to copy it. There, I said it.


This collection of copper and gold has been a long standing favorite of mine.


And whoever thinks white is plain is hopelessly misinformed. These are both evidence of that.

1d0dadfe9f3f24d12c5e336990057f02 60517188713254774_eTm8qDxk_f

Possibly, one of my favorite discoveries today (and in this last year, really), are these words from an incredibly wise wife. I can only hope to be this type of women while Kelv and I traverse these next few months and years together.



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