Thankful June {2013}

I cannot believe that it is July. Seriously, I can’t. I feel like those one of those older gentlemen and gentlewomen that you always used to hear growing up, talking about “the good ‘ole days.” When, please someone tell me when, did I become that person?!? Why, at the ripe old age of 27 (<– kill me, I just had an other birthday) am I reminiscing about the summers of sprinklers and popsicles, the school years full of term papers and finals? Ugh. I even have grey hairs.

Back to July –> it’s July. Whoa. My birthday and Kelvin’s birthday have come and gone. The “anniversary” of our engagement has come and gone. All of this comprised a full whirlwind weekend of BBQ’s, wedding shopping, ring shopping, sunshine, and date night. Good friends, bread pudding, new cocktails, and a lovely little ice cream sundae dessert bar. It really was the greatest little weekend. I couldn’t help but feel blessed, encouraged, overwhelmed and excited – about where I am, where I was, and where I am going. With that being said, here you go. June absolutely flew by, but I am not without gratitude for a variety of things in the midst of the whirlwind month.

1. Friends. After an absolutely stellar bachelorette party, bridal shower, and birthday party, it is not hard to believe that I am grateful for all of these amazing women in my life. The distance between WA and CO has certainly changed the structure of many of these relationships, but I will never stop being grateful for them. And I have been absolutely surprised by an incredible friendship out here in CO too; it is one that I am daily grateful and thankful for.

laura 1 laura 2

2. Airplanes. I am equally grateful and hateful of them at times…but largely, I am grateful for them. The last three years of my life have been comprised of a steady stream of hellos and goodbyes, with no end in sight. However, with a couple of hundred dollars or 20,000 air mile points, it is relatively easy for I, or the people I love, to move back and forth, spending precious hours with each other. I am not overwhelming grateful for the  miles between so many of us, but I am grateful for the means to traverse those miles.

3. My momma and my poppa have been SO, SO, SO gracious and understanding in the midst of wedding planning. It has been stressful, hard, confusing, and frustrating, and they have been an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on over and over again. There is no challenge, wedding-related or not, that they have ever backed away from. I am absolutely blessed to have them in my lives.

4. The wedding is 53 days away. And I am so glad, really for a variety of reasons. One- it’s going to be fabulous. Two- it’s currently pretty stressful. Three- there’s a pretty great honeymoon scheduled right after it. So really, I don’t know what I want. I want it to be here, I want more time, I’m ready, I’m not ready, I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m annoyed, I’m sick of planning, I love the planning, I hate the details, I love the details…I could go on forever. We (meaning me and this wedding), have sort of a love/hate relationship right now. We’re working through it.


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