Things I Love Thursday.

I forgot to write a post about what I was grateful for in the month of May. Oops. So I’m combining it with this weeks “Things I Love.” Because no girl can go home, be celebrated at a bachelorette party and bridal shower by most of her closest friends and family, and not be overflowing with love and thankfulness for the people who made both events happen.

So this week, this month, this entire year really, I have been and am grateful for these people in my life. The ones who let me cry, who make me laugh, who bring me joy, who deal with my insecurities, my hopes, and my OCD tendencies. The ones who throw me parties, text me jokes, send me cards and gifts. Mostly, the ones who believe in me and Kelvin, and want to share this next stage of our lives with us.

DSC_0049Me and my bridesmaids, Ashley Rose, Elizabeth, Jenn, Mel, Samantha, & Rachel

DSC_0066The whole group in Lake Chelan at Chateau de Mansfield.

DSC_0130Me and my girl, Reese.

DSC_0144Me and my poppa.

DSC_0153Me, my sisters, Reese, & my little Momma.

DSC_0159Me and my little Momma.

IMG_2245Me and my sweetest little Murphy boy.

IMG_2246Goodbyes are so bittersweet.


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