I Do Celebrations.

I am so blessed. At this very minute (maybe not right this second, but often enough), there are some fabulous women back in Washington dreaming up some perfect parties, just to celebrate me and my upcoming marriage. I’ve said before that it can be pretty tough to plan a wedding from somewhere other than where it will be held, and I am still sticking to that opinion. Wedding planning is meant to be shared…and if you can do it that way, I totally recommend it. However, the distance has been a plus this week, because it has been WAY fun to check the mail everyday. To my absolute delight, it has been full of some gorgeous invitations for those upcoming parties mentioned. And tell me, what woman doesn’t love getting daily mail all about celebrating her? Parties with family and friends, presents, margaritas, lingerie, and fabulous food? <— The answer to this question? Every women loves this. She has to. Because it doesn’t get much better than that.

The invitations for these parties have been absolutely lovely, so I wanted to share. My sister and my friends (check out my bestie’s post about the upcoming bachelorette weekend here) deserve some serious credit, because I know they each spent countless hours dreaming, designing, and tying bows, if for nothing else then to make me smile when I opened my mail. Like I said, I am so blessed.

My sister, Jenn, is in charge of planning my wedding shower. She found these invitations via Etsy. Ahh Etsy, how we love you. 



My besties back home designed these invitations themselves…and then apparently had a wine and cheese night where they all put them together.  Naturally, they couldn’t miss the chance to drink some wine. DSC_0045




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