Things I Love Thursday.

This week, my head has been spinning with parties, plans, and of course, wedding details. And lately, I am so in love with gold and rose gold, paired simply with neutrals. (Not to say that it doesn’t look pretty fabulous next to coral, and green, and purple…really, next to anything). However, if my home were completely ready to have guests, and I wasn’t planning a wedding, I would love to have a lovely little soiree for a girlfriend’s birthday. Or a ladies night, just because. Any occasion, really, where I could decorate and create pretty little things. Luckily, I AM planning that wedding that I am always talking about, so I can take some of this love for gold and incorporate it into that big day in small ways.

I love these gold chargers. And they would be perfect during the holidays too.


These tumblers would look so fun on the table.


I love this gold flatware too…not something you see too often anymore, but I love the way it pops.

I know that this is a wedding cake, and I’m talking about a party, but I love the pairing with the neutrals.
gold cake

Of course, champagne definitely tastes better out of gold rimmed party glasses.

These look like simple little tomato sauce and green bean cans…I love what some spray paint can do.

And lastly, a little bit of inspiration from my own wedding planning, including some lovely gold details. board


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