Thankful April {2013}

I am so, so, so late with this. Oops. But life has been busy, big changes are/have happened, and there is a wedding flyyyyyyying towards me. Oi. It’s enough to make any woman lose her mind, seriously. However, my late post is NOT related to lack of thankfulness because I have something to be very, very thankful for this month. Kelvin and I have a new house! And this month, I have slowly been turning it into a home. Which basically means unpacking the kitchen supplies. Because the rest of the house? Yep. Totally empty.

I am so grateful that we found a home with two bedrooms (please come visit me), a sunny little kitchen, a back yard for the puppy Kelvin won’t let me have, YET, and a dining room and living room with more than enough space to have friends and family come share their lives with us. It IS a rental (aka…it could use some TLC), but it is ours, and I can’t wait until we are married and both get to come home to the same place, slowly but surely turning it into something that we have created together.

So, for those of you who care (basically my mom, my dad, my aunt, and my 2 girlfriends who actually read this), here are the first pictures of our empty little abode. These are BEFORE pictures friends. Because as soon as this wedding isn’t burning a hole in my pocket, this house is going to instead. Let the virtual tour begin.


Hello, little home. 



The living room and the dining room flow into each other. 



Love my sunny little kitchen. 



Both bedrooms need some paint; the peach one will be the master, the green one for guests!


Lastly, our over-grown backyard.

A lawn mower would be a nice housewarming present, Dad!

And a BBQ. In case you were wondering.



And of course, here’s that puppy that I can’t have. YET.


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