“Homemade” Save the Dates.

I have a confession to make. Normally, I like to “blah, blah, blah” all day long about how I just loooove DIY, and I loooove saving money, and I loooove doing something on my own instead of buying it or paying someone else to do it. However, the recent months of wedding fighting planning with my fiance just may have significantly altered my loooove of crafty, money saving, ingenuity. Because really, professionals just do some things a whole lot better. Case in point? Carina Skrobecki, a designer/photographer friend from back home. Her work has opened my ignorant eyes to the beautiful things that others can create for my wedding. Look at this invitation suite. And this one. Gorgeous right? Every single time. And if I had waaaay more money, I would totally be paying everyone else to do some of this for me.

With all that being said, my (partially) DIYed save the dates did end up being done by my own hands. At the end of the day, some of these wedding decisions simply DO come down to cost. However, for the wedding planning women (and men) who have the time to dedicate to these projects (but lack the funds to buy something like Adobe), the internet has become a phenomenal resource. I checked out lots of different websites while trying to find a place to design/order save the dates, including Shutterfly, Etsy, Minted, Vistaprint, Mixbook, and MyPublisher. Ultimately, my choice to use Mixbook came down to the ability to build something from a completely blank canvas. I wanted to be able to pick and choose fonts, colors, backgrounds, paper quality, and print quality, and I felt like Mixbook gave me the best opportunity to do that while still being reasonably priced.

Kelvin and I actually DID do much of this together (which is probably why I cried so much), so when I say “I,” I truly do mean “we.” As much as I complain about him being so opinionated involved, it is nice to know that he cares. We’re only getting married one time, so I’d say we both are trying to enjoy as many details as we can.

The save the date below, found during a daily Pinterest perusal, was my inspiration.


DISCLAIMER: I took the photos below with my DSLR camera…which I don’t know how to use. Forgive me. I’m learning.

Because Kelvin and I had gotten engagement photos taken, we wanted to include one of those in some way.

DSC_0007 (3)

Initially, these had square corners. A $10 corner-rounder from Hobby Lobby took care of that. I also loved the twine/ribbons/threads that I had been seeing wrapped around different invitations and paper suites, so I found some Divine Twine (tons of colors) on Amazon, punched some holes in the edges of each card, wrapped the twine around, and knotted them up. (Kelvin helped…thanks babe.)

DSC_0038 (2)

I also liked the idea of a personalized note to our guests so we included that on the back. The striped tape in the picture was used to seal the envelopes.


Here’s proof that Kelvin helped. While on the phone. Look at him, my multi-tasking man. I’m such a lucky girl.


And me…getting “photo-bombed” by my niece. Excuse the nakedness. Nice socks, Jenn. 



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