Things I Love Thursday.

This week, I am loving my new house. Kelvin and I recently got to move me into the house that we’ll be living in after we are married. So fun. Of course, it is empty, we have no furniture to fill it, and I am eating off Kelvin’s grandma’s old 100 lb ceramic plates, but it’s still ours.

However, because I have no photos of the house yet, you get shoes. The sun, unfortunately, has not yet made it’s full appearance in Denver (unlike Seattle…which I never thought I’d say), so my sandals are still in hibernation. And unfortunately, my boots are all packed in a box somewhere, so it seems that some new flats and oxfords are the appropriate solution to this dire problem.

I don’t know what I would wear these confetti bow flats to, but they were too cute to ignore. flats bow

I love these america love canvas shoes from Steve Madden|Madden Girl.


I am a HUGE fan of oxfords, so these super girly ones from Delia’s caught my eye.sweet oxfords

And these lovely lace ones, from Urban Uutfitters…which are sold out. Sigh.



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