Things I Love Thursday.

In the past few months, I have developed an overwhelmingly large love for leather. Not exactly the Harley Davidson chaps like love you may be thinking of, but more a simple appreciation of a spot of leather here or there on a woman’s outfit. Leather, you may think? But isn’t it spring…and time for white, pastels, sandals, and maxis? Yes, you would think so. However, it is snowing right now, with 8 more inches on the way. Joy.

This love for leather has largely been simply that…only love…as my wallet cannot afford most of these fun pieces. However, were my wallet limitless, my closet in my new home bigger than…well, just bigger, and my work wardrobe more than royal blue scrubs, I would love to call some of these pieces mine.

This simple leather clutch…it’s nothing new to the fashion world, but I do love the look of the entire outfit.

leather clutch

I adore this pair of black leather shorts. And I could throw some tights on and wear them in the snow. Take that, Colorado.

leather shorts

I love this simple leather-rayon combo dress from Urban Outfitters. It comes in tons of color options too. leather

I have love, love, loved these patent leather shoes forever…everyone could use a little shiny patent leather in their life.

This super affordable leather-sleeved t-shirt from Zara is a total steal at $25.
leather sleevesAnd my absolute favorite, this leather and lace combo. Love, love, love.

leather and lace

Lastly, I leave you with this. For as much as these “Things I Love” posts are full of whims and wishes, it really IS the simple things that make this life more than good enough.



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