Goodbye For Now.

Mike, Jenn and Reese are moving out and moving on. And though I could not be more excited about the opportunity in front of them, there is no denying that a little piece of my heart will go with them. I am so blessed to have had these 7 months with them. They have opened their home, their marriage, and their precious baby girl to me. They have treated me as one of their very own, celebrating my move, my new job, and my upcoming marriage. They have loved Kelvin as if he were already family. And they have given me countless hours and days with baby girl, even as much as allowing me intimate access to the very precious first moments of her life.

I will always, always be grateful for these last few months. I can only hope that someday Reese will know how much I cherish the memories I have had with her. So in the midst of my tears, I truly celebrate their family, am so excited about their successes, and cannot wait to see what Oregon holds for them.

“Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

I love you.



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