Things I Love Thursday.

It snowed this week in CO. Like white knuckle driving, de-ice the car, winter weather advisory snow. And May is days away. In fact, as I peek out my window there are still mounds of melting, puddly snow everywhere. So yes…gross. I’m all about snuggling up with hot chocolate and a fire, watching the snow fall, in JANUARY people. Not April. So, with that being said, I am anxiously awaiting warm weather that is here to stay…and also dreaming about all the different lovelies that I would love to purchase for my 11 glorious days of honeymoon coming up in a few months.

This weekender bag from Kate Spade. Sadly, I have never been able to find it (I say that like I could afford it even if I could find it). But, I am still in love.

kate spade

This one piece swimsuit…which I absolutely could NOT pull off (thank my genetics for that), but I can still dream a little.

one piece

This adorable pair of wedges from Kate Spade. Which have a 4 inch heel…therefore I can only dream, as Amazon woman is not particularly a name that I love.

carmelita heel

This chevron and lace maxi dress…perfect for a summer date night.

chevron lace

I love this weekender bag too…my sweet fiance even tried to find it for me, but he had no success. Sad day.


And lastly, these strappy leather heels…which have a fabulous little zipper up the backs and only have a 3 inch heel. So I’d be 6″1…that’s not bad, right?





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