Thankful March {2013}

I feel like quite an ugly person sometimes when I sit here and struggle to think of things I am grateful for. Although, to clarify, I struggle to think of NEW things all of the time that I am grateful for. It is a given that I am grateful for Kelvin, my family, and baby girl Reese every day, every month. But  it is my hope that this practice of “thankfulness” that I am trying to stick to causes me to really seek out/discover the many little things that I have to be thankful for, as opposed to those big things that most people always list off first. So here we go…here are the things I am thankful for right now, both big and small.

1. I am so thankful for my Momma. I know, I said I would think about the small things, but I had to get this one out of the way first. Wedding planning away from your mother is not fun <– I DON’T recommend it. However, my momma is doing everything in her power to be involved and help me in whatever way she can. I have sent her countless emails and texts about projects and people to call, and her response is the same, every time. “Of course, I can’t wait, you are going to be beautiful.” Every time people! Two weeks after my mom was out here visiting, I found the note below in my wedding folder. Yep, I cried like a baby. How blessed am I?


2. The weather in CO. Now this one may sound a little strange, as I often refer to this place as Narnia. I swear, you truly need flip flops and a winter coat in your car at all times. But that’s beside the point. As a whole, the sun shines a whole freakin’ lot here, which means my mood is way better, AND I have the opportunity to run outside all the time. It’s good for the soul, I’m telling you. Get outside.

3. I’m loving my new car. It’s a 2006, which is likely old to most of you, but I feel like I finally stepped into the right century. My white rocket was faithful, yes, but I needed to move on. My new black beauty has leather heated sheets (<– hello, I have been waiting my whole life for that…or at least, since I was 16), a sun roof (see above, lots of sun out here in CO), and it drives in the snow like a champ (again, see above. CO is Narnia).

4. Okay, this one isn’t small either, but I am thankful for my girlfriends back home. Even though my move to CO means I don’t get to see them as often as I would, it DOESN”T mean that they aren’t still planning a kick ass bachelorette party for me so we can all celebrate together. I can’t wait. And I hope they know how much I appreciate them dedicating so much time, energy and money into the upcoming party.



One thought on “Thankful March {2013}

  1. Just a few short months and you will be Mrs Laura Lynn Mansfield! My heart is exploding with great joy as I think of how the Lord has answered this momma’s prayer’s above and beyond her imagination. Kelvin is one amazing man and I am sure that the two of you will have a long happy life together because you are building on the proper foundation, Jesus Christ. Dad and I feel blessed everyday and thank God often for allowing us to be your parents. If someone were to ask me what I was thankful for, without thought or hesitation you will always here me say the same thing……….My Family all seven and growing : )


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