Grow Baby, Grow.

It has been far too long since I have shared the loveliness of baby girl Reese, so I figured that now was the perfect time to update all of you on her fabulous little existence. Not surprisingly, she is still one of my (and her mom and dad of course) greatest joys everyday. The last few weeks have been so much fun. It feels as if overnight she developed the ability to really communicate with us. She laughs, she smiles, she responds to voices. Kelvin spent forever trying to get her to roll over this weekend, and finally, on Easter Sunday, after hours of “Come on, Reese,” and “You can do it, Reese” she flipped. Jenn screamed so loud you would have thought that Dodger dog turned into George Clooney. Most likely, the poor child will never roll over again, as the bomb that went off after she did was enough to scare all of our neighbors. Not to mention that she probably never wants to see Uncle Kelvin again, as he was a drill sergeant all weekend. Luckily, Reese got a little reward for all her hardwork, as Jenn gave her solids for the first time. It was a sweet little experience which certainly left us with some ridiculous photos and videos. She was a champ of course, and downed that food like a starving fat kid eating chocolate cake  (<– AKA…she’s got Mackey genes). Sorry Reese.

So here you go. A perfect little collection of baby girl photographs…she’s quite lovely, isn’t she?!?


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