Park City.

Recently, I got the privilege of going to Park City, Utah, with Kelvin and his family. It was absolutely beautiful!


Kelvin’s grandparents gift them with this weekend in Utah every year, and now that I have a ring on my finger, that means me too! The views were absolutely stunning, the weather was nearly perfect, the family was super welcoming, and the cute little town that we ate dinner in each night was so sweet (and had a piano for me to plink around on!). It is not often that Kelvin and his brother’s get a lot of time together, so it was quite the blessing that all three of them were able to make this weekend happen! And it was an absolute treat for me to get to spend some one on one time with Brianna, Kelvin’s sister. Lastly, Kelvin’s grandparent’s totally blew me away. They both were up skiing on the mountain everyday! I am pretty sure that they have WAY more energy then I will ever have, let alone in 50 years! It was seriously impressive.


{Successful family vacation = completed puzzle}


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