Thankful February {2013}

Whoop, whoop! We have hit the 6 month mark my friends! In less than half a year, Kelvin and I will be saying “I do!” It is so exciting to be in this span of time. I actually feel like we have a wedding to plan. Save-the-Dates need to be sent, checks need to be written (ugh), clothes need to be purchased, projects need to actually be worked on. It’s so much fun!

Now, aside from being excited that the wedding is actually on my horizon, I am also one day late on my grateful post. It is certainly not because I lacked things to be grateful for this month. Nope, instead it is because I feel like I have been busy, busy, busy! Now, at last, I can come up for air and take a second to think about the blessings in my life.


1. Again, I am so thankful for Reesey Girl. I LOVE WATCHING HER GROW. She giggles and laughs now. She smiles when I look at her. She smiles when anyone looks at her! She is growing like an absolute weed, of course. Such a tall, lanky, beautiful little thing she is! I am so, so, so grateful for these months with her! What a perfect little creation she is, beautifully and wonderfully made, just as the Bible promises. sweetie

2. I am thankful for technology. Broad gratefulness, I know. Really, what I mean is that I am thankful for Skype, and texting, and gchat, and Facebook, and Instagram. Somehow, my family ended up tossed all over the country and Kelvin is in Texas each week, but all of these technologies that we so often take for granted keep us close.

3. My Melly girl. My little sister Mel is beyond busy trying to make her new house a home, learning how to be a wife, and finishing up her last couple months of school (<– SO PROUD!). Yet, in the midst of her crazy life, I think she may have been the first one on board for my Bachelorette party, the first one to submit her money, and the quickest one to say that whatever the plan was, she would be there. It has been so fun to talk to her about the upcoming trip and the fun it will be and I cannot wait to celebrate with her, both her graduation and my marriage!

4. I am thankful for my daddy (Papa to Reese). He doesn’t get to come see her (or us) as often as he would like, but when he is out here, it is so fun to watch him. He and Nana are both amazing grandparents. Their love for Reese is easily seen and almost tangibly felt. I can’t wait until Kelvin and I can give them the gift of grandchildren someday. (Someday…like in a while. Not soon!).


5. I am so blessed to work in Labor and Delivery. Recently, I began training for the labor side of my job, and I can’t help but feel so honored to share those incredible moments with my patients. The birth of a child is often the very best day of a mother or father’s life, and I get to be there, day in and day out. It’s an honor that I do not deserve, truly. I hope that I always cherish it as such, as well as never lose my sense of wonder and awe at the incredible perfection that is the female body.

6. The mountains in Colorado are so lovely. We have had a bit of snow these last few weeks, and those snow-capped peaks scream “mountains majesty”  as I drive to work early each morning. What a privilege to live in a place that daily reminds me to be grateful for where I am at.



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