A Growing Girl.

I figured that it was time to share a few photographs of Miss Reese Avalon, as she is growing and changing so much. As always, I am so thankful that I get to be out her during this phase of her life. As every mother knows, they grow SO fast, and it has been so fun to see those changes happening to her. She has been an incredibly great baby; for the most part she eats when she should, sleeps when she should, and has even given Jenn some full nights of sleep. She smiles at everyone, LOVES getting her bath, and will let everyone hold her. She is most definitely going to be a thumb sucker like her daddy…we are all looking forward to the day that she learns that skill so she doesn’t need her pacifier 24/7 to sleep!

Really, I am just amazed at the depth of love that I have for the little thing…it is hard to imagine loving my own children any more someday!


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