Thankful December {2012}

I hate New Year’s resolutions. Inevitably, life always gets in the way of them, and the majority of people then feel bad because they gained a lb instead of lost a lb, didn’t work out 5x the week their toddler got sick, or snapped at their husband even though they pledged to be a Proverbs 31 wife. Life is unpredictable, dynamic, stressful, and often, quite fun. At times (though not always,) I feel as though one’s dedication or fervency to their New Year’s resolution can steal the joy that day to day life can bring. With that being said, I’ve made one. Ha. However, my goal is simple. One time each month, on here, I will be expounding on the things that I am thankful for, be that my family, cookies, or sunshine. My hope is that despite the challenges of life, the stresses of planning a wedding, or the exhaustion that comes with working nights, this practice will ensure that the blessings of this life are continually at the forefront of my thoughts. I am VERY bad at letting the struggles of life dominate my thoughts. Hopefully, this little practice will help remind me that I have been blessed with far more than I think that I am missing.

So here we go…


1. Mike & Jenn decided to stay in CO for Christmas this year (first time they have ever not traveled), and I am SO grateful for that. I had to work through the holiday this year, and I would be a liar if I said it wasn’t hard. However, having them here instead of spending those days alone was SUCH a blessing. They do not know how much it meant to me to have someone to share that time with.

2. Murphy, my little dog back home. Silly, right? But going home and watching that dog go crazy, as he always does, reminded me of all the joy he brought me those months I lived at home last summer. He is hilarious, and the photos and movies my mom and dad sometimes send me are a little spot of sunshine in the midst of my day.

3. Being in CO for Christmas was hard, true. But I also got to experience a white christmas! The snow began falling while I was at work on Christmas Eve, and when I drove home from work Christmas morning, a pretty, little blanket of snow covered the ground. I loved it.

4. Reese. She’ll probably be on here every month, so get used to it. She is changing SO much, I love getting to see it. She’s smiling now, genuinely smiling at the things that we do, and it is so fun to know that my presence brings her joy. I love that little peanut…it makes me wonder how I will love my own more someday.

5. My sister, Jenn. It has been SO nice to have her on maternity leave these last couple of months. We have gotten to spend so much time together, laughing at her little girl, Christmas shopping, watching our new obsession on TV, “Revenge,” and basically sharing and growing together again. In the past few years I had forgotten how much I love having my sisters around, and I am so glad I have Jenn here.




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