Basement to Bedroom.

As many of you know, I recently moved to CO from WA. Of course, this move was largely spurred by my engagement to Kelvin, but having Michael and Jenn here too was a huge factor as I made my decision. Leaving my family wasn’t as bad when I knew that there was family waiting on the other end of the drive. Unfortunately, Kelvin has been on a project in Dallas since August, and it is looking like he may be continuing this commute for the next few months, so I am SO grateful that M & J have given me a place to call home, especially as he is gone so often.

M & J are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first baby, my sweet little baby girl niece! She literally could show up any day now, and I am SO EXCITED. However, M & J live in a 2 bedroom town house, and bedroom #2 was recently turned into baby girl’s nursery. So, the decision to live with them meant I had to figure out how to turn their unfinished basement into a home. And unfinished basement in this instance = catch all for everything M & J have ever bought or has been given to them that they don’t actually need or want + 3 bikes +82 bins of holiday decorations + a food pantry + enough baby supplies to fill 2 nurseries. It meant concrete walls covered with white plastic insulation and exposed beams, wires, pipes, and the occasional floater of insulation raining down on one’s head. You get the gist?

However, I have yet to meet a decorating/interior project that I don’t love, so with a little advice from my sister’s best friend, Rachel, about how to hang some curtains, a lot of box moving, and three trips to the Goodwill, I was able to turn the space downstairs into something pretty lovely! I even surprised myself. I am more than happy with the space I have created for myself…and will be able to live there happily until Kelvin and I get married and have a place of our own.


BEFORE (Halfway Clean)



Really, all I needed to do was move things around to create a space for myself down under the window. I used bicycle hooks to hang curtain rods from the exposed beam ceiling, hung curtain panels around the room to cover up the insulation, and then added a rug to cover up the cement floor. After that I simply moved my things in, threw up some picture frames, and plugged in the TV. It’s not much, it’s not huge, but it is a cozy little space that I am more than happy to crawl into each night.


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