Hello Colorado.

I know that this post/statement is long overdue, but “I made it!” I now have both feet firmly planted on Colorado earth and it feels good. Scary? Yep. Exciting? Yep. Where I am supposed to be? Absolutely. I wish I had some cool road trip story to tell, but I really don’t. The trip from WA to CO was entirely uneventful, no storms, no snow, no break downs, popped tires, or overheating engines. Am I grateful for the lack of disaster (i.e. excitement)? Of course. But, it leaves me with little to share about the trip (anything scandalous, anyway). Unless, of course, you factor in the absolute worst Chinese food I have ever eaten, consumed at the lovely half way point of our road trip East. As my father so aptly put it after I texted him about our culinary nightmare, “Confucius say ‘Do not eat Chinese food where no Chinese people live,'” perhaps Chinese food was not the best choice of cuisine in Twin Falls, Idaho. (I’m pretty sure Confucius never said that…but I can still quote my dad, right?)

Chinese food aside, Kelvin and I had a very good time together as we spanned the 1,500 miles between Anacortes and Denver. We spent 2 days/22 hours together in my little white Honda and survived happily. We took advantage of the time together in the car to talk and talk – on day two the radio in the car didn’t come on once until late afternoon (cheesy, I know, but I am quite proud of our ability to find things to share with each other!). We even found a few minutes to sneak in some sightseeing (Shoshone Falls), we killed 500,000 bugs across the state of Idaho, and we confirmed, once again, that Wyoming truly is the most boring, uneventful, and unattractive drive we have ever made. To top off the entire weekend? It was raining as we drove across the Wyoming/Colorado state line. I considered that rain to be a little message just for me, saying “Welcome home…”

So, here you go. We have a few photographs of our trip, state-to-state, as we made our way to my new home.

There goes my life! {Anacortes, WA}

Goodbye Seattle!

{photo: LoveThatImage)

Tourist Stop! {Shoshone Falls, Idaho}

Honda > Bugs

Fall in Utah!

Wyoming {It all looked like this!}

My new home: Colorado!


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