Piece of My Heart.

All week, I’ve been wanting to write a post about all of the things that I am going to miss as I leave Washington behind and begin my life in Colorado. But, I kept telling myself that it was a weird thing to do…why sit and and dwell on the very things that are making the move so hard? I can hardly think about goodbye hugs and prayers without welling up with tears. Truthfully though, reflecting on all of the things that God has blessed me with for the last 26 years is such a great exercise in thankfulness. I really have been given so much more than I deserve. Not to mention that it feels really good to deal with the fact that even though I am leaving so many dear things behind, it is with joy and hope for my future that I drive away. What a privilege and blessing it really is to move on because I WANT to, and not because I HAVE to.

With that being said, here it is. A (not all-inclusive) list of the people, places, and things that will always have a piece of my heart, no matter where my feet take me.

#1 – My Momma & Poppy

Without a doubt, the hardest thing about leaving home is the knowledge that a plane ride is going to separate me from my hugs from these two. I am a big believer that there are some things that can only be fixed by a hug from my mom or dad…and to be honest, I’m not really sure what I am going to do now! My parents have given me unconditional love, support and advice every single day. When I needed a home cooked dinner, I could always come home and my mom would have it waiting. When my car got broken into, my dad was always the very first phone call. When I cried, they tried to fix it. When I’ve been broken, they’ve helped me heal. I am so very blessed to have them…and know that I will miss them a little bit everyday.

#2 – Our Kitchen Table

I know it sounds a little bit strange, but this table genuinely tells the story of our family…we have laughed and cried here, wrapped Christmas and birthday presents, done homework and bills, and played hundreds of games. I know that all five of us can claim responsibility for at least one of the marks or stains on it’s surface. The wear and tear of our family’s entire life together is on display right here on this table, and I think it is beautiful. If this table could talk, I know that it would spill stories of love. I have no doubt.

#3 – Murphy

We’ve had this little man for only a year, and he has already planted himself so firmly in our family. He truly makes us laugh every single day. He sleeps in like a teenager, hogs the pillows, loves Rice Krispy treats, and has brought me more joy these last couple of months than anything else in my life.

#4 – Washington Park

I love this place. Somewhere in this beautiful park is a time capsule full of the love, giggles, and crushes of a bunch of best friends…a buried mason jar that is proof of the perfect summer memories I have here that are too numerous to count. I am so grateful for the joy this place has brought me and cannot wait to share it with my own family someday.

#5 – My Girlfriends

Like everyone else, my friendships have certainly had their ups and downs. But there is something to be said for those friends who have been a part of so much the last few years of your life…those friends who have watched you fall in love, who have let you cry, who have loved you through your craziness, and who will watch you say “I do” to the man who changed everything.

#6 – Husky Football

I got to go to one last game this last weekend, and I teared up walking in. I know, how silly. But I still remember the rush I got at my very first game, and that feeling has never gone away. I love being proud of my school and my team. I love waking up at 600 on Saturday mornings. I love feeling connected to my neighbor simply because we both put on our purple shirts. So I will wake up every Husky Saturday and think of home, awaiting the day I am back in Washington cheering for my Dawgs.

This little list is entirely inadequate, and I know that. But, I can’t help but feel a little bit lighter after getting some of this off of my heart and onto this page. I know that I am leaving so many amazing things behind. I know that I will cry when I say goodbye. I know that there will be days when I am dying for a meal at that dining room table. But, I am headed to a man that has promised to love me all of my days, through every happiness, struggle, and challenge we face. I am going to be an aunt to a precious baby girl very soon. And I am starting a career that is going to allow me to pour myself into others every single day. Am I leaving some priceless things behind? Yep. But I am headed toward some pretty incredible new beginnings.


2 thoughts on “Piece of My Heart.

  1. Oh, Laura. You are so right about EVERYTHING. The fact that you know how blessed you are, that you will miss that table who has been a part of your family for so many years, and that that boy really does love you to the moon and back…God has so much in store for you. love you so much.


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