Blessed Baby Girl.

This last weekend my sister, Jenn, flew home from CO so we could shower her and her little bump. It was so very neat to see the number of women who showed up to bless Jenn and baby girl, even though she has not been a member of the church for years. These women literally watched Jenn grow up, so the miles between all of us mean nothing when it comes to their continual love and support. Jenn’s friend Cassie was also a HUGE help as well. She did all of the food for the shower, and it was perfect. What a blessing our church family really is!

My momma and I had a lot of fun thinking up decorations and ideas for the shower. I made up some invitations in Word (can’t wait until I have a Mac!) and my mom and I spent an afternoon shopping for decorations and presents. Jenn and Michael are very “no frill, princess, or hot pink” parents, so the colors of their nursery (and subsequently, the shower decorations), are not the classic pink and blue you may expect. Instead, we bought and made lots of little things in teal, magenta, brown, and green. The poms over the food table were my favorite find – so cute! I also have completely fallen in love with the Cricut the past few weeks.  A very good friend lent it to me and I have discovered that it is a MUST HAVE machine for any party, celebration, or decorating opportunity. The little banner hanging off of the food table took about 10 minutes instead of an hour. Umm…yes please.

(Sorry about the poor photos; some of them came from my phone!)

One of my favorite little details…Good idea, Momma!

Amazing photo…blessed baby.

The proud grandparents!

Baby girl Rorabaugh, you are SO loved, by a countless number of people! We cannot wait to meet you little thing!


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