Dads & Daughters.

I found this blog post on Pinterest today, and truly was in tears as I read it: 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. I can’t even pick two or three of my favorites, as they are ALL true, and so important. However, as I am a woman who grew up with all sisters, who loves her Dad fiercely, and who is currently planning a wedding, there were some rules that struck a significant cord in my heart. Read this article. It’s worth it, as either a reflection about your own father or as a prayer for your husband. Grab the Kleenex.

#1- Love her Mom.

This deserves to be number one for a reason. If there is one thing I was sure of my entire life it was that my Dad loved my mom without restriction or limits. Without a doubt. This gave me the courage to seek out that kind of love for my own life, because I got to see that it was possible.

#5- Pray for her. Regularly, passionately, continually.

This family prays. We always have. And I know with absolute certainty that the prayers of my father (and my mother) have been fundamental to developing, encouraging, and growing me, in both my faith and in my life.

#18- Tell her she’s beautiful.

This needs no explanation. Every woman needs to hear this, everyday. Because she is perfect, just as she is.

#22- She’s as smart as any boy. Make sure she knows that.

Duh. Don’t let her EVER believe otherwise. My dad didn’t.

#36- Few things in life are more comforting to a crying little girl than her father’s hand. Never forget this.

This doesn’t change when you are 26…truly. There ARE some things that only a daddy’s hug can heal.

#42- Let her know she can always come home. No matter what.

Since I just took advantage of this for a little bit, I know how important this is. There’s a difference between being “allowed” home and “welcomed” home. And believe me, the latter is SUCH a blessing.

To you, Daddy, I say thank you. If this list were a test, you would definitely get an A+.


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