Mr. & Mrs. Hubner

She did it! They did it! Melly and Mason have been married one week…and it is so strange to already be sitting here reminiscing about something that our family talked about for months. However, it seems that is the thing to do AFTER a wedding, right? It isn’t really over after, because you have to spend a least a month talking about it.

So that is what we are doing now…we’re talking. And pretty much all anyone talks about is this. My little sister looked STUNNING. Like drop dead gorgeous, holy cow, you don’t look like Melly anymore, stunning. And of course, everyone always says that about the bride right? Except in this case, it was 100% true. No one is talking about it because they have to, they are talking about it because she was spectacular.

Right? Just try to argue with me. You can’t. She looks phenomenal! Of course, Mason (the lucky man), was the epitome of a charming groom. As much as I wanted to watch my sister walk down that aisle, it was so VERY neat to watch Mason light up (and try and hold himself together) as she walked towards him. There is something so beautiful about those weddings where the bride and groom wait to see each other until that moment.

Truly, the day could not have been more perfect. The weather that afternoon, normally hot, humid, and miserable, was instead a gorgeous, cool, and unprecedented 75 degrees. Though it rained the day before and after, not one bit of rain threatened their day. And their intimate, immediate family only ceremony was as sweet as they come. Their pastor was a gem too; it was clear that he vehemently believes in the institution of a godly marriage, and was honored to officiate the beginning of such a marriage for Mason and Mel.

Mel’s photographer, Taffy French, has given our family some sneak peeks of her shots that afternoon. How beautiful is the dappled light at their venue?

My momma was recently remarking that just as it “takes a village to raise a child,” it also seems to take a village to throw a wedding. Mel and Mason’s wedding truly was a family affair, as Jenn and her husband, myself and Kelvin, my parent’s, and our Aunt Christina all had a hand in making Mel’s vision become a reality. Stressful? Yes, of course. Every wedding is. But the numerous pairs of willing hands made everything so much easier. And of course, it was so much fun to get all of us girls and our men together. It is so rare these days.

Below are some more photographs of the day, as well as the link to a YouTube photograph montage of Melissa’s and Mason’s lives. Enjoy!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hubner!

I’m so proud of you guys!


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