Oh, Pinterest. How it has revolutionized my life, as I plan my wedding, dream about a home, and develop a menu each week. I am sure that to a vast majority of the  male population, Pinterest seems like one more big, fat time-suck in our social networking, tweet-tastic, blog happy world, but I HAVE to disagree. And I do not disagree because it gave me an idea for a baby shower theme or helped me find the best snickerdoodle recipe. I can genuinely say that one of my favorite things about Pinterest is it’s ability to make me smile.

If you are like me, you and all of your friends mostly pin pictures of clothes you can’t afford, photographs of homes from the “Street of Dreams,” and images and links to workouts and bodies that just are NOT compatible with your love of chocolate. So you scroll through all of these images for a couple of minutes everyday, dreaming about what could be if you had more time, more money, a bigger home or more kids, re-pinning those beautiful things on the off chance that someday you can make some of those dreams or ideas come to life. At times it seems that we forget about how great the things are that we already have, those things that we already CAN do, make, bake, or create. Don’t get me wrong – it’s fun. It really is. But, every once in awhile I find myself thinking that if I spent a little more time doing, and a little less time “pinning,” some of those ideas would become reality.

However, I was scrolling through Pinterest today and was again reminded why I ultimately find it such an enjoyable “mental recess.” I recently completed my nursing schooling, passed my NCLEX, and am in the midst of the arduous job search. For those who remember a similar time in their lives, job searches (unsuccessful ones, at least) are NOT fun. Often you have spent hundreds of hours, years of your life, developing yourself into a person capable of performing a certain career. And so often (especially in today’s economy), you submit application after application, only to be bumped aside by a HR department without ever being given the chance to sit down and show someone how valuable you could be. It’s frustrating, extremely. Especially as you try to remember that you are not defined by who you are, what you’ve done, or what your resume says about you. I find it an intricate balancing act to remember these things as I am continually deemed “not good enough yet.” With that being said, back to Pinterest. A little discouraged and peeved, I jumped on Pinterest today to take a little break. And as I mentioned above, a simple little re-pinned quote made me smile, as it gave me the perspective I need for my life right now (and really, for everyday).

Powerful, right? I cannot claim to have faith in Christ if I don’t believe that His timing is perfect as well. So the job search will continue, and I will move forward with faith in a God who has everything in my life perfectly laid out on His timeline.

I would agree with those who say that our social networks can cause a lot of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with one’s own life. But, I also am appreciative of those out of the blue quotes, jokes, and photographs (which are often found on Pinterest) that give me the daily dose of love or laughter I need in my life.


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