“I Do” Bonanza!

It’s begun. Or it’s beginning. Or we’ve only just begun. Something like that. However you want to say it, my family is fully immersed in weddings. With Mel’s wedding in three weeks (<— holy heck!) and mine in one year, it truly feels like every conversation had right now has something to do with a white dress, hors d’oeuvres, centerpieces, or suits. Don’t get me wrong…it’s fun. But, it’s a lot!

Melly’s wedding is actually taking place in Indiana…if you’ve ever done a long distance relationship, then you KNOW how hard extra miles can make any situation. That’s why last weekend when both Jenn (the preggo older sister) and Mel (the bride-to-be younger sister) got to come home for Mel’s wedding shower, we were all so excited. Everyone knows that celebrating with your family is much better than celebrating “together” over phone or Skype. I cannot imagine planning a wedding or being pregnant without the support of at least one sister or a parent. Even more cool, the three of us girls haven’t been together, without a boy in the mix as well, in over four years! Though our family has most certainly grown, and we are glad for it, it WAS fun to set the table for five one more time (and probably the last time).

My mom and I had so much fun in the months leading up to the shower planning, shopping, and baking/cooking. The DIY/party planner side of mine was finally unleashed a little, and I loved being able to finally have a reason to let the creativity flow. I had SO much fun picking a “theme,” making invitations, and creating decorations. Because Mel and Mason are mid-westerners at heart, my mom and I chose to embrace a little “country flair” for the shower, and included mason jars, old lanterns, and daisies at the party.

It was such a joy to see all of the women who showed up to celebrate Mel and her upcoming wedding. Though miles have separated her from many of her hometown relationships for years, it was very neat to see that at the end of the day, she is still very much loved and celebrated by a great number of people.

Cheers to Mason and Mel! Cannot wait to be celebrate their big day!

Loved making Melly’s invites…although I can’t wait for the day that I can afford a Mac computer! It will definitely make these projects MUCH easier.

“Miss to Mrs!”

Mel & Rel…true BFFs!

The four of us (+ baby)!


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