Did you read the title? I. AM. ENGAGED. Finally! And yes, I did say finally, because this is my blog so I get to say what is in my heart, and my heart says FINALLY! Kelvin and I have talked about “the future” for so long, so I am so VERY excited to finally have some of those hopes and dreams be a reality. Of course, with the engagement comes a whole slew of very present and very pressing new things to deal with, but they are good things, things that I am excited about. I haven’t been this excited in years, and it feels good.

In true Kelvin fashion, the proposal, the entire day really, was quite over the top. The man loves surprises, he loves to spoil the people he loves (lucky me), and I truly think he had a genuine desire to make the day something girls only dream about. Check, fiance. It was pretty awesome.

For those who want to hear the story (Aunt Tina, can you make sure Nanny reads this and/or sees the pictures please?!?), I will tell you. On June 21st, Kelvin and I had quite the “touristy” day in Seattle. He had scheduled a Ride the Ducks tour (SO much fun…I learned so much about Seattle!), which we followed with lunch up in the Space Needle. Shockingly enough, this Washington bred girl had never even been up in the Space Needle! Lame, right? But, Kelvin took care of that for me! After lunch, we walked through Pike Place Market, headed to Post Alley which is famous for it’s “gum wall,” and  which may possibly be one of the most unhygienic places in all of the continental United States. No joke. Naturally, Kelvin thought of everything, including a prior purchase of bubble gum so we could leave our own mark on the wall.

After the gum wall, Kelvin told me he wanted to walk around the UW campus with me. Though a slightly strange request, the weather was BEAUTIFUL that day (BIG thank you to the big guy upstairs for that!) and UW has a campus with a beauty pretty much untouched on a sunny day. Once on campus, Kelvin quite literally plopped me in front of the PACCAR School of Business, told me to close my eyes, put a piece of paper in my hand, asked me if I trusted him, kissed me on the cheek, and walked away. This was the beginning of a scavenger hunt ALL over campus, with puzzle pieces to find, notes to read, and stops at all of the places that are so special to me, to Kelvin, and to our relationship. At the end of it all was a boat ride across Lake Washington, a private, rose-petaled point at the Arboretum, a ring that I am crazy in love with, and a guy down on one knee who wants to be my best friend forever. I said yes. (You would have too!)

To top off a pretty perfect day, Kelvin had also planned a surprise “birthday” party for me that evening at his dad’s house, as the following day was my birthday. I was absolutely clueless. Walking into his house, and seeing all those people there (the engagement, however, was a surprise for everyone…they all thought it was my birthday party too) was priceless. It was truly a memory I will carry with me forever. Kelvin’s efforts to gather all of our friends and family in one place gave us both the opportunity to share a hug, some tears, and some laughs with all of the people we wanted to tell the news to. I was so grateful for the opportunity to hug my mom and dad, as well as tell them the story in person.

In hindsight, one of the coolest parts of the whole experience is knowing how many people were willing to step in and help Kelvin treat me to such a flawless day. SO many people were working in the background. What a humbling and amazing revelation that was.

So that’s our story. The last 3 1/2 years I have been blessed to call an incredible man my boyfriend. For the next year, I get to claim him as my fiance. And forever, I get to call him my best friend, my husband, and my partner.

*** If I seem like I am bragging, I am. Kelvin did an amazing job. He poured his heart, his time, his money, his everything, into making this a memory that we will ALWAYS smile about. He deserves the recognition, so I’m giving him that!


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