South Carolina

As a northwest girl, I have always been considerably partial to the gorgeous views that comprise the area I grew up. I can argue with the best of them about all of the reasons that the Pacific Northwest really is the most stunning place around. With that being said, I always get a little bit perturbed when I visit somewhere that makes me reconsider all that I had previously believed about the superiority of the PNW. It’s like I have to argue with myself all over again.

My recent week in South Carolina was absolutely fabulous, and full of moments where I found myself mumbling “This place is amazing!” I am pretty sure that my jaw dropped to the sand when I crossed over the pier to the beach. Hawaii can keep their pristine, white sandy beaches and their aquamarine water. I absolutely fell in love with the Atlantic coast, the rolling waves, and the beautiful stilted homes up and down the shore. Imagine my surprise too, when I toed the water and it was WARM?!? What the heck? Where I grew up the ocean is always cold, period. I was under the notion that unless I flew to Hawaii, the ocean waters were meant to be avoided at all costs for fear of hypothermia. Who knew I that I had believed a lie for so long?!?

Not normally one to admire architecture, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the style of homes on the coast. Every single one appeared to be straight out of a film. They were huge, stately, and built to last. Gorgeous, tumbling porches outfitted every home (I’m a HUGE lover of a good porch). Shutters were a necessity, decks were abundant, and every home appeared fashioned to welcome the sun as much as possible <– love the natural light!

Despite my ramblings, I was not in SC only to admire the homes and the beach. I had an awesome weekend celebrating Kelvin’s cousins’ wedding. His family is huge, loud, noisy, and crazy fun. Sleep is not high on their agenda however, and I came home with the “I need a vacation from my vacation” attitude. They absolutely wore me out. Mostly though, they love spending time together, and it is blatantly obvious how much they care about each other. It was such a treat to feel like I was a part of that for awhile. And of course, no one can watch two people who love each other say “I do” and not fall in love all over again with the person that they love too. It was such a joy to hold Kelvin’s hand while the family prayed over the couple, dance the night away (literally, my feet still hurt), and toast to both their future and ours. Ahh weddings…

In case you are wondering, the PNW still has the crown in my heart. Yes, South Carolina took my breath away, and the beaches were something I could easily get used to. But if you have ever spent a day in the San Juans, watched a sunset over the Pacific, or seen Rainier proclaim all her glory, then you know, as I do, that nothing tops the beauty of this place.


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