Love & Sex.

I am seriously laughing out loud right now, picturing my father’s expression, as he wonders what the hell I could possibly be writing about that is titled “Love & Sex.” Don’t worry Daddy…you’ve been involved in all of the opinions I’ve formulated about these topics and I think you’ll agree with them. Take a second to let your blood pressure return to normal.

Ok, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not really diving into the finer details of love and/or sex. I consider myself the opposite of an expert on either topic. However, in the last 3 days I have come across two incredible articles about the aforementioned topics that I absolutely believe are worth sharing with whoever happens across this post.

Of course, some may consider my perspective “skewed,” as I have formed by beliefs and put my faith in principles that have their origins in the Bible. That’s fine. Stop reading this and check your Facebook instead if you feel so inclined. However, the article “What is Love?” has little to do with religious preferences (or lack thereof), and everything to do with the unreal expectations our culture has about real love. The author (Sheryl Paul) has written something raw and real, based on honest truths that ALL can relate too.

Yep, the article about sex (“4 Ways Christians Damage Sex) IS written from a Christian perspective. But, I think Relevant Magazine has taken a shot at clarifying and exploring a situation many of us would rather sweep under the rug than deal with. I found it thought-provoking and applicable to any stage of a relationship (be that dating, engaged, married, or confused!). So you get my suggestion to read the sex article too.

I don’t really think it matters what your religious preferences are for us to agree that love and sex have been, and will continue to confuse us, divide us, and/or bring us together. I suppose the challenge, then, is finding someone who is willing to be confused with you!


What Do You Think?

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