March Madness.

No, my beloved Washington Huskies did not make it to the Big Dance this year. According to my father, they were only good enough for the “Nitwit” tournament. Thanks Dad. That’s real kind of you. Hats off to the ultimate bandwagon fan.

However, the absence of my Dawgs in the tourney did NOT mean that I couldn’t still enjoy four straight weekends of basketball, basketball, basketball. I swear, you can hate basketball and if you fill out a bracket and compete against someone you want to beat, you’ll suddenly love it. I am always amazed by my ability to watch a game between two teams that I legitimately know NOTHING about and still find myself cheering and freaking out as if my little brother was on the court (I don’t have a little brother, but that is beside the point).

Do yourself a favor and fill out a bracket next year. I promise you, you do not have to know anything about basketball for it to be fun. And I should know, because even though I make my picks based on places my family lives, team uniforms I like, and ESPN articles written the day before the tournament starts, I have STILL beaten my boyfriend, his brothers, and his dad 2 consecutive years..and counting.


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