Sister, Sister.

I am so grateful for my sisters. The decision a parent makes to have more than one child is SO important; I genuinely believe that giving your children siblings is one of the greatest things you can do for them. When I think of the variety of things I have learned from my sisters, I am astounded. I can think of so many times where I have been able to learn from the mistakes that one of my sisters has made, as opposed to suffering the same heartache. I hope that I have been able to give that gift to them as well.

It has been so interesting to watch us grow and change the past five years. Men have entered our lives…and they’ve stuck around! All of the sudden we are learning the delicate balance of being girlfriends, wives, daughters, and sisters. If you have siblings, then you likely understand what I am talking about. Personally speaking, I have lost my position as confidant in the lives of my sisters, as they have instead chosen to place the men in their lives in that role. As they should! Yet there are growing pains involved as I move out of the role of best friend to make room for their partners. It’s tough, but so worth it as I watch them live their lives with men who have pledged to love them forever.

The GREATEST thing about having sisters? No matter what I am going through in my life, there are always victories in their lives to celebrate. The last two years of my life have not exactly been a cake walk, but I have still found so much joy in watching my sister’s lives click into place. Jenn is the happiest I have seen her in years; she has a great job, her small group is exceptional, she loves that Dodger dog, and of course, Michael John always has her laughing. And watching Melly plan her wedding while going to school and taking care of crazy Ellie Bear? It is so much fun! Honestly, because of them even on my worst days there is still something to be celebrated.

Yes, my sisters can drive me crazy. Always have, always will. 😛 But they also give me more joy than just about every one else in my life. I am so glad I can call them mine.


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