Yah, I did it again. Every year Lent rolls around, and I think it is a great idea to give something up. Catholic or not, sacrifice is always a good thing, right? Normally, I would say yes, absolutely. But then it is 1100 pm on a Wednesday night, I have been studying for 2 hours, I had a mini-fight with the boyfriend, and I haven’t had ANY sweets in exactly 2 weeks {Please take into consideration that I normally eat candy EVERY day}. Suddenly that concept of sacrifice? It doesn’t really seem so great. In fact, I’m trying to remember why I put myself through this every year. And I am wishing I was more of a quitter.

Here are the two biggest reasons I always immediately regret my “sweets-less” Lent.

#1: Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas & Thin Mints {frozen, of course!}


#2: Cadbury Mini-Eggs {Easter is the BEST candy holiday, no question.}



2 thoughts on “Lent.

  1. Hey sweetie!
    Glad to see you here! In 20 or so years, this will seem so long ago, and you may have forgotten much. I moved to wordpress this past month… you can find me at yakimamom.wordpress.
    I’d like to follow along… Where is your follow button?
    Auntie T


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